Our Mission

The Interfaith Child Development Center Mission

Interfaith Child Development Center inspires children to grow, discover and develop a love of learning. Our challenging educational environment encourages and nurtures creativity, individuality and compassion.

Vision Statement:InterfaithKids_kids by CDC sign

Innovative, creative and unique
Nurture children to reach their potential
Teachers and parents working together
Encourage development of the whole child
Respect individuality
Families connected and involved
Aspire to open our doors through scholarships
Involved as a leader in the community
Top-tier curriculum
Happy, caring staff and children

Child — the reason for our existence
Development — build inquiring minds and loving hearts
Center — committed to excellence


“What I love most about Interfaith Child Development Center is that it is a close-knit family. Everyone there – parents, teachers and administrators – work together each day with a common goal in mind; to foster the love of learning in every child through personal attention and an individualized approach. Interfaith and everyone there will always be so special to my family. Thank you ICDC!”
– Mary-Kathryn D’Agostino

“Our children attended Interfaith from the time that they were 1 year-old. As working parents, it is very important to us to have our children in an environment that is loving and nurturing as well as educational. We found all of these things at Interfaith. It truly has always been an extension of our family. The teachers and administration are outstanding! As first-time parents, we appreciated that the teachers were always willing to take the time to communicate with us about how they were teaching our children at school. This allowed us to learn age-appropriate ways to encourage and discipline our children but also meant that we had cohesive environments between home and school for our children. Simply put, they helped us to learn to be consistent with our children. Interfaith teaches independence within safe boundaries and our children have become self-confident. They teach children about setting goals and accomplishing them. They help them develop in every area from language and fine motor skills to table manners and how to interact with other children socially. The Interfaith staff has always looked out for the well-being of our children while in their care. The nurse was always diligent about making us aware of any health issues that she noticed while the children were in their care. From top to bottom, we could really not ask for better care for our children!”
– Melissa Young

“Our decision to enroll our kids into the Interfaith Child Development program has been a true blessing for our family. We had heard so many good things about Interfaith by word of mouth but nothing can compare to actually experiencing it. We enrolled both of our kids when they were just toddlers and have seen them grow and develop as they progressed through each level of the program. Today, our kids are confident, social and more importantly, happy little human beings because of the tremendous support and positive encouragement our kids received from the entire staff at Interfaith. Our son is now in kindergarten and we can honestly say that Interfaith played an integral part in preparing him for this huge step in his life and ours. He was very well prepared both academically and socially, with his teacher even asking where he attended preschool. Our daughter currently attends Interfaith and she always leaves school with a smile and excited to tell us about her day. We would like to thank everyone at Interfaith from the bottom of our hearts. All of the children that attend Interfaith are truly blessed to be surrounded by such loving, caring and supportive teachers. Interfaith provides more than a parent can ask for their child.”
– Patrick & Shannon De la Paz